Labanauskas Still In Charge; Leads National Ranking

Labanauskas Still In Charge; Leads National Ranking

13 August 2007

13 AUGUST 2007 ? Article by Mary Anne Ward ? With points extremely close the fight for the top ranked yacht and winner of the Larry Brand Memorial Series Award is on. This should provide for some very exciting competition at this year?s National Championships.

Twenty yachts have qualified so far for the National Rankings and the Larry Brand Memorial Series Award. In light of this, now seems like a good time to review how the Rankings are determined.

To be in contention for this series trophy, a yacht must compete in three sanctioned regattas as posted in the events section of the web site. However, one of the three events must be the National Championship. Prior to the National Championship a yacht?s two best finishes will be tabulated for that yacht?s total points accumulation. Point awards work as follows: First place finishers in each regatta receives 100 points plus one point for each participant in the regatta. Second place finishers receive 90 points plus one point for each participant in the regatta, Third gets 80 points plus..., etc. down to a minimum of 10 points plus for tenth place and beyond. As an example, in a twelve boat regatta, first place would receive 112 points while tenth, eleventh and twelfth place would each get 22 points.

Additionally, each yacht will receive 10 points for each of the sanctioned regattas it participates in this year. As an example, participation in six of the sanctioned regattas prior to Nationals adds an additional 60 points, participation in five regattas will add 50, four 40, three 30, and two 20.

At Nationals a bonus will be in place, points for first place will be 150 plus fleet size, and second will be 140 plus fleet size, etc. down to 10 points plus fleet size for fifteenth place and beyond. These points will be added to the current points to determine the winning yacht. Current points are based on tabulations from all sanctioned regattas this year.

We are looking forward to great sailing and the announcement of the winner of the very first Larry Brand Memorial Series Award!

RANKING RESULTS (After six events)
1.) Iggy/Andy Labanuskus, 297
2.) Bill Wiggins, 254
3.) Brian McMurray, 253
4.) Mary Anne Ward, 247
5.) Bill Fauntleroy, 245
6.) Ken Wruk, 224
7.) Rob Terry, 224
8.) Coye Harrett, 193
9.) Matt Ripkey, 173
10.) Bob Heathcote, 172
11.) Augie Barkow, 154
12.) Reid/Tom Munroe, 154
13.) Blaine Unicome, 147
14.) Jerry Gll, 143
15.) Peter Marenakos, 124
16.) Mark Unicome, 122
17.) Bob Wynkoop, 103
18.) Keith Brand, 97
19.) Jim Hilgard, 87
20.) C Porter, 84
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