2007 WMYA Regatta Underway

2007 WMYA Regatta Underway

2 August 2007

02 AUGUST 2007 ? Article by Jamie Kimball Thursday kicked off the first day of racing at the 2007 WMYA (Western Michigan Yachting Association) Regatta. Of the six competing fleets the Melges 17 is considered the darling of the show as eleven teams have surfaced for the title.

Of those incontention are Bill Wiggins, Brian McMurray, Bob Heathcote, Bob Wynkoop and Bill Fauntleroy. White Lake Yacht Club is the host of this year?s event has delivered everything one could ask for. Breeze on conditions of 10-20 knots, warm tempatures in the mid 80?s, great race committee, and much more!

The Melges 17?s took charge of the course in the afternoon with Brian and Deb McMurray coming out on top of the fleet winning both races.



Keith Brand, White Lake YC/MI, USA-108
Rob Terry, Crystal Lake YC/MI, USA-113
Coye Harrett, Lake Geneva YC/WI, USA-151
Jerry Gill, White Lake YC/MI USA-171
Bill Fauntleroy, White Lake YC/MI, USA-174
Tom Munroe, White Lake YC/MI, USA-11
Matt Ripkey, Lake Geneva YC/WI, USA-1
Bill Wiggins, White Lake YC/MI, USA-100
Brian McMurray, White Lake YC/MI, USA-111
Bob Heathcote, Indian Lake YC/MI, USA-125
Bob Wynkoop, Crystal Lake YC/MI, USA-75
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