Melges 17s Cordially Invited To The 2009 Muskegon One Design Regatta, May 16-17

Melges 17s Cordially Invited To The 2009 Muskegon One Design Regatta, May 16-17

5 May 2009

This Muskegeon Yacht Club One Design Regatta is a great start to any season. Early enough to work around many sailing schedules. This regatta is an excellent addition to a one-design season series.

This year there is an attempt to include the Melges 17 class and Audi Melges 20 at this regatta. Discussions are currently ongoing as to the details of this addition. There has already been a positive response by relatively local fleets of Melges 17s so this event will be primo. Only four boats from any of these designs will constitute a fleet. If this becomes a reality, this regatta will be an incredible event here in Western Michigan. Please make contact ASAP regarding attendance so we can assure others of expected fleet sizes.

By tradition, the 2009 Midwest Melges 24 Series is annually kicked off in May with the Muskegon Yacht Club One-design Regatta. One-designs of one form or another have been doing battle at this Spring Regatta for over 28 years. Muskegon Lake offers excellent spring racing. The cool inland lake waters of Spring and the warming of the air and land make for strong thermal wind conditions on flat water. Every year sailors find themselves thrown into their season with full-on hiking and planing conditions.

If you are interested in bringing out the real speed of your Melges 17, please contact Regatta Chairman, John Schumacher on e-mail, or call +1 (231) 740-8088.



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