The Larry Brand Memorial Series Trophy

The Larry Brand Memorial Series Trophy

9 April 2007

09 APRIL 2007 ? At the Midwinter meeting in Eustis, Florida it was announced that a new racing series trophy is to be initiated this year. The idea behind the trophy is to further camaraderie and build participation in the many events which now fill our schedule from March to September.

In light of the tragic loss of one of the class' biggest promoters and a friend to so many of us, it's been decided to rename and dedicate this perpetual trophy in the memory of Larry Brand. Larry sailed USA 108 with his son Keith and more recently with his wife Colleen. He was a pivotal figure in the formation of Fleet #1 at White Lake, Michigan and spurred the success of the first National Championship there. The M17 class would not be where it is today were it not for Larry Brand.

To be in contention for this series trophy, a boat must compete in three sanctioned regattas as posted in the events section of the web site. However, one of the three events must be the National Championship. Prior to the National Championship a yachts two best finishes will tabulate in the total points accumulation. Point awards will work as follows: First place finishers in each regatta will receive 100 points plus one point for each participant in the regatta. Second place finishers will receive 90 points plus one point for each participant in the regatta, Third gets 80 points plus..., etc. down to a minimum of 10 points plus for tenth place and beyond. As an example, in a twelve boat regatta, first place would receive 112 points while tenth, eleventh and twelfth place would each get 22 points. At Nationals a bonus will be in place, points for first place will be 150 plus fleet size, second 140 plus fleet size, etc. down to 10 points plus fleet size for fifteenth place and beyond. Updates will be posted on the web site and the trophy will be awarded at the conclusion of the National Championship.

Pictures of the Larry Brand Memorial Series Trophy will be available soon, so stay tuned to this web site for more information shortly.
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