Special 2008 Melges 17 National Championship Notice

Special 2008 Melges 17 National Championship Notice

11 February 2008

Dear Fellow Members,

Even in the depth of winter it is time to turn our attention to the 2008 Melges 17 National Championship Regatta. The plan this past fall was to hold the regatta at Lake Geneva.

Unfortunately the LGYC is about to embark on a major rebuild of their clubhouse and facility. That means we need to find a new venue of the ’08 event.

With that in mind, the Board is looking for bids to host this regatta from our various fleets. So far the Lake Eustis Sailing Club has shown great interest in hosting this event in November, as the anchor of the fall schedule. Although this is later in the year than normal, many believe the Nationals should be a Fall regatta and it would be a great opportunity to support our Southern fleets.

If any other clubs are keen to host this event, please contact Art Brereton at hab@geneva-trading.com to discuss preliminary ideas.

It is the Board’s desire to announce the date and location by March 1, so if you are interested please act quickly.

National Melges 17 Class Association Board of Directors

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