Board Votes to Add Melges 17 Fleet

Board Votes to Add Melges 17 Fleet

14 March 2007

14 MARCH 2007 ? From Candace Porter, Scowlines ? By unanimous agreement the Melges 17 was added to the fleet roster of scows supported by the ILYA. With over 80 boats built in two years, the Melges 17 will enjoy its first ILYA Championship in July, 2007. Pewaukee YC has graciously bid for the inaugural ILYA event. Pewaukee and four additional clubs plus individual members submitted letters of support for the class.

Quantum Sails and Melges Performance Sailboats spoke in favor of adding the fleet to the ILYA. The class has hosted two national championships and will host the third event August 25-26 at Crystal Lake, Michigan.

In welcoming the fleet, the board noted the potential growth in Michigan and clubs not traditionally seen at the annual championships. The fleet will elect a fleet committee and operate by the ILYA bylaws holding a vote on the rules committee and Board of Directors beginning after election of its representatives at the first regatta. The ILYA has a policy allowing competitors to participate without benefit of homelake membership in the ILYA for two years. Welcome, Melges 17 sailors, to the ILYA. Proud to have you on board.

To join the ILYA, visit the membership link on the ILYA web site.
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