2009 National Ranking Point Explanation

The goal of this points system is to reward traveling to many events and promoting local regattas to get the highest turnout possible. This system makes the regattas other than Nationals more important, but will always maintain a bonus for Nationals. This bonus (in my opinion) should stay at a point that rewards Nationals for being Nationals, but more so because it is the event with the most boats.. That is, if another event has 10 more boats then Nationals the winner will be rewarded equally. As numbers change the bigger events are rewarded more and more… which seems appropriate because they will get harder and harder to win. Nonetheless, let's say Easter becomes 30 and Nationals 100, then the 3 times bonus would go from 45 to 120 for Easter and from 150 to 300 for Nationals. That spread was 105 and now is 180… that rewards the bigger event more relatively, but not by an amount that makes the small events not matter anymore. This system may seem overly complicated but I believe it is necessary to have a formula that adjusts well as numbers change and that allows the best events to sort themselves out and rewards regions that work to promote and grow their fleets.

In order to accomplish this goal we would like to change several parts of the current formula:

  1. Specify that it is the 'helmsman or helmswoman' that receives points and not the 'yacht'
  2. Increase the number of events that count from 2 + Nationals to 3 + Nationals (Do not have to compete in 4, but clear advantage if you do)
  3. Increase the points of Non-Nationals events as shown
  4. Change the Nationals points to as shown
  5. Points will be awarded as shown + 3 times the number of boats at each event
  Non-Nationals Events Nationals
1st 120 150
2nd 100 120
3rd 85 100
4th 75 85
5th 65 75
6th 50 65
7th 40 50
8th 30 40
9th 20 30
10th 10 20

Place points + 3 times number of boats.

After 10th boats will receive 3 times number of boats at the event.


The following is a range of scenario's that may occur and we need to make sure work out in a way that represent who deserves to win the National Rankings.

Midwinters 15    
Easter 15    
Spring 25   1st Midwinters (165), 1st Easter (165), 1st Spring (195), 5th Inlands (140), 3rd Nationals (250)
Blue Water 15   775
WMYA 15    
Inlands 40   3rd Midwinters(130), 3rd Easter(130), 3rd Spring(160), 3rd Inlands(205), 1st Nationals(300)
Nationals 50   795
Fall 1 10    
Fall 2 10   1st Spring (195), 1st Inlands(240), 1st Nationals(300)
Fall 3 10   735
      Max (above + 1st at Midwinters (165))  Will obviously change as numbers grow
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