M17 Yearbook

2008 Melges 17 Yearbook

The 2008 M17™ Yearbook is a full color, 16 page, saddle-stitched publication showcasing one of the hottest high performance, one design scows on the market today — the Melges 17™. Content reflects the great successes of 2007 and focuses on key 2008 events alongside of competitor interviews, special class initiatives, previews and big glossy photos. This unique retrospective will debut in January of 2008. In addition to being placed within competitor packs it will also directly distribute to owners, potential buyers as well as circulated at major boat shows such as the Strictly Sailboat Show in Chicago, Newport International Boat Show and Annapolis Sailboat Show. This is a great opportunity to reach an elite audience of speed and performance enthusiasts. International exposure includes Europe, South Africa, Australia and the Pacific Rim. The Melges 17 is one of the coolest one designs in the USA, Europe and Australia.

View 2009 Melges 17 Yearbook (PDF - 5.0 MB)
View 2008 Melges 17 Yearbook (PDF - 1.6 MB)

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